shalomKeruv Policy of the Conservative Movement


The Leadership Council of
(LCCJ) Keruv Commission was charged initially with preparing principles of outreach for the movement. The commission believes it is incumbent for us to augment the principles with ideas for putting them into practice.

Our first charge was to prepare a brochure available to movement constituencies in both paper and electronic formats. The brochure can be used as is or it can be customized by individual congregations. It can be uploaded to congregational web sites and included with existing printed materials. Some congregations may require training in the use of these materials.

The commission also was charged with identifying movement congregations that have developed successful inclusionary practices and to share those methods with congregations looking to become more inclusive. -- from "Tools for Building a Culture of Keruv"

Click here to see the brochure "Shalom Welcome" -- in Acrobat (pdf) format

Click here to see the complete document "Tools for Building a Culture of Keruv" -- in Acrobat (pdf) format


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