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Every woman has the opportunity to participate in preserving, promoting and perpetuating Conservative/Masorti Judaism through active giving to the Torah Fund Campaign of Women's League in support of The Jewish Theological Seminary (New York, NY), Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies (Los Angeles, CA) and the Schechter Institute of Jewish Studies (Jerusalem).

The Torah Fund campaign was first launched in 1942 as a scholarship fund. In 1963, it combined with the Mathilde Schechter Residence Hall campaign that provided housing for undergraduate students. Since then, Torah Fund has been a vital source of support for JTS and its students, raising more than 66 million dollars. Thousands of dedicated volunteers have contributed to the spiritual, esthetic and material well being of the JTS community by supporting Torah Fund projects.

Torah Fund Major Gifts

Women’s League Educational Pavilion
Located in the newly renovated Kripke Tower, this state-of-the-art facility provides students and faculty with the latest electronic educational and technological capabilities.

Women’s Zodiac Murals by Avner Moriah
To adorn the Women’s League Educational Pavilion, noted Jerusalem artist Avner Moriah chose to focus on women who had initiated events in Jewish history. He matched women from the Torah and midrash to months in the calendar and a zodiac sign. “Since the pavilion would be dedicated to the education of independent-minded Jewish women, I chose those women who embody contemporary, feminist characteristics.”

Each of the fourteen panels of the Women’s Zodiac has been reproduced in a limited number edition. Each lithograph is individually signed and numbered by the artist, and may be purchased singly or as a boxed gift set.

Torah Fund Benefactors Pins/Ha’yay Olam Project
For over 40 years, Torah Fund has issued distinctive pins, designed by outstanding artists, which have been worn with pride by women across the Continent. Women’s League is delighted to make available reproductions of some of the magnificent pins designed by Ludwig Wolpert, artist-in-residence at the Jewish Museum for many years. This is an opportunity to fill in gaps in your personal collection or to give these pins as gifts.

Prices: $180 each; any nine for $1500
Ten for $1680

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Torah Fund & EBay: A New Way to Support an Important Cause

Torah Fund has partnered with eBay to raise funds to benefit Torah Fund’s campaigns and support scholarship projects at the four rabbinical schools. It is easy to do.

That’s it— your mitzvah is completed. Mission Fish, eBay’s agent, will provide you with a tax receipt for your taxes when you ask for it. Easy stuff!

Your region Torah Fund volunteers are available to help you as well as Torah Fund staff. Also, eBay has a number of help areas and people who can help you with your sale. Your region Torah Fund vice president has a disc available that explains this process step by step. Ask for it!

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