Women's League President Carol Simon Women’s League for Conservative Judaism is the network for all women who support our mission of enhancing Jewish knowledge, engaging in Jewish life, expanding our communal involvement, and supporting Klal Yisrael. It is for those who belong to affiliated sisterhoods and those who join directly. As an active arm of the Conservatie/Masorti movement and the largest synagogue-based women’s organization worldwide, Women’s League provides services to thousands of women and hundreds of women’s groups. Carol Simon, photo above, is this year's International Women's League President.

Distance Workshops

The technology of conference calls and online media to access fabulous customized training on a variety of topics covering every area of sisterhood business and leadership development.

This Year's Theme — Family

Mishpachah II: Lessons from Our Sisters Engage with four archetypal Jewish women: Sarah, Ruth, Mathilde and Golda. Through the lens of their family stories we will examine contemporary challenges, strengthen our understanding of complicated family dynamics, and encourage dialogue about creating supportive and cohesive families, in whatever their configuration.

Why Women's League?

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